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Vinyl Skirting by Haverford Vinyl Products

Haverford Trugard vinyl skirting (formerly T-Lok by Alcoa) is available in White, Cameo, Victorian Gray and Desert Sand. Trugard skirting is easy to install virtually on any mobile or manufactured home. Trugard vinyl skirting can be ordered by the carton or by the piece. Trugard vinyl trim kits can also be ordered by the carton or by the piece. Trugard vinyl skirting panels are 12’ long and 13” wide.

Haverford Lifestyle vinyl skirting (formerly by Alcoa) is available in the same colors as Trugard. Lifestyle skirting is less expensive than Trugard. The Lifestyle vinyl skirting panels are 12’ long and 16” wide. The lifestyle vinyl panels can be installed with the Trugard trim kit or the Lifestyle trim kit. Use the calculation chart on the previous page to figure how much skirting you will need per job application.

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Product Description
Trugard Trim Kit (Ground spikes, nails & 14 each: Top trim front, Top trim mounting, Vinyl ground channel)
Trugard Solid Panels
Trugard Vented Panels
Trugard Single Solid Panel
Trugard Single Vented Panel
VGC Single Trugard Vinyl Ground Channel
TTM Single Trugard Vinyl Top Trim Mounting
TTF Single Trugard Vinyl Top Trim Front
1 SET Each piece Trugard: VGC, TTM, and TTF

Special Pricing Available On Volume Orders Only!

Product Description
LIFTKT Lifestyle Trim Kit (Spikes, nails & 14 each: Top Trim Front, Top Trim Mounting, Vinyl Ground Channel)
LIF12 Lifestyle Solid Panel
LIFCV Lifestyle Centervents
Single Lifestyle Solid Panel
Single Lifestyle Centervent Panel

1 Bundle Ground Spikes
1 Box Nails
SL5 #0380104 Snap Lock Punch Tool
Sl8P #038105 Deluxe Snap Lock Punch Tool


Skirtguard protects skirting from weed whackers! Skirtguard is 7’ long; packed 30 pieces per carton.

Skirtguard is available only in white.

1 Carton Skirtguard
1 Piece Skirtguard

SKIRTING ACCESS DOORS W/LOCK AND KEY Door measures 35” Wide x 26” High

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